It's not about what you love. It's about how you love it.

Those words have resonated with us for years, and we've paid them forward at every opportunity. Wil Wheaton, at the Calgary Expo, told a woman's newborn daughter that being a nerd is pretty awesome and that resonated with us.

Being a nerd is about how you love the things that you're passionate about. That's pretty powerful. People who feel that way are the people we design our products for.

We provide simple, stylish, and nerdy garments and gear at reasonable prices. We purposefully choose the partners we work with and the products we provide. And every now and then, we'll drop in a passion product here or there, because we're nerds, too, and we love doing this.

We're doing the work by hand. We do it with the care and love of creators. Each garment and piece of gear is created, packaged, and shipped by an actual human who is sincerely excited for you to receive it. That means each item may be just a little bit different in some way, shape, or form, and we hope you'll love it, and know it came to you with love in the entire process!

We could say that we create in small, artisanal batches, as we custom-craft our boutique garment and gear line, if it'd help you with your Bingo card. ;-)

We've taken this fun hobby a little more seriously so we can share a lot more broadly and partner with others, as well. We'll be adding to our collection over time by carefully considering the nerdy and the important, and carefully curating great collaborators to work with.

In addition, we can help provide you with the custom garments you want and need through bulk or time-based pre-orders, while exploring our own passion for the things we love, and that we think you'll love, too.

Good times, nerds. Good times.

Artist? Idea junkie? Got something to say and you want to put it into the world? We'd love to do that! We work with you to make those ideas a reality, will place your orders online at and set them up as pre-orders. Once the pre-order period is complete, we'll create and fulfill the orders and send them off to your customers!
Custom Garments
We offer upto 4-color screen printing, using plastisol and water-based inks and a variety of garment types. We do our part to help you identify the best garment to meet your needs--we avoid sweatshops and take an eco-friendly route to delivering you the best result!
Custom Gear
We love to create cool gear for Nerditees, and we'd love to create some for you, too! We offer screen printing and laser etching services that are designed to fit your need.
We have an in-house design team who can help you work on your branding, collateral, or website design. Reach out and let's talk!
Nerditees continually delivers great shirts, hoodies, and whatever else we come up with! They like to experiment with new products and throw in extras that our attendees love--Can coolers & bookmarks were a hit! -Chicago Camps
We're especially fond of events, meetups, fan groups, etc. who may have small-to-mid-sized orders (typically 20-100). We're very familiar with your unique needs and can help you find options to meet your budget and timing.

T-shirts can get expensive quickly--before you know it, an low-cost garment can get into the double-digits once you start to factor in setup fees and screen costs (with costs that can escalate quickly with additional colors), print locations, shipping, and other variables.

We do our part to make that as straight forward as possible--reach out and we'll help find the best options for you and your needs!

Let's talk!
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