Steak AF
No disrespect to our vegetarian friends; we really did work through what Veggie AF would look like (we also explored "Running AF" and "Hiking AF" as well) and this month, steak just won out. Tell us your favorite veggies and we'll see what we can do—and until then: We have the meats!

The fourth in our AF series, steak just makes us think of the good times. Probably over an open flame, on a grill (Grill AF—noted!) that's on a massive deck that is filled with lots of friends and adult beverages. Probably charcoal producing that open flame, and probably a cooler filled with eleventy different local microbrews that only the person who brought the six pack knows about.

No matter how you take yours (you're awesome, so we know that means "medium rare"), those who love their steak really love their steaks, know their butcher—and probably their butcher knows them. Rumor has it that some folks in the midwest pick their homes not by school districts, instead by the distance from a good quality butcher.

The only meat that's a worthy challenger to steak is, quite frankly, bacon (Bacon AF!). That said, it's unfair to compare two great standalone champions, so we're putting bacon into its own category and remaining faithfully…

Steak af.

Printed in a water-based ink from an eco-friendly, energy efficient digital screen, on a Bella+Canvas 3001CVC Unisex black heather T-shirt.

Please note: Actual distressed look may vary on printed items. This is a representation only.
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